NEWS | Arenson Dittmar & Karban Files Lawsuit Against Sweetgreen for Racial and Sexual Discrimination

Following years of unchecked racial discrimination and sexual harassment of Black employees at Sweetgreen restaurants in New York City, Arenson Dittmar & Karban, a law firm with a history of successfully representing marginalized workers against large corporations, has filed suit against the company and two of its managers in the New York Supreme Court.
The lawsuit, which has been reported in national publications such as NBC News, Washington Post, CNBC, Reuters, and Axios, asserts that ten Black employees at seven Sweetgreen restaurants were subjected to racist comments, passed over for promotions, and assigned less desirable shifts. Female employees were sexually harassed by managers and subject to unwanted remarks. Complaints to Sweetgreen’s management were ignored for years.
“For too many Black employees, having to listen to managers and co-workers use racial slurs is just a part of their daily work environment. That’s both wrong and illegal,” said Avi Mermelstein, partner at Arenson Dittmar & Karban and attorney for the employees.
The lawsuit against Sweetgreen, a publicly traded corporation with hundreds of locations, is the latest in a series of cases filed by Arenson Dittmar & Karban on behalf of workers who have been mistreated by their employers. The firm is seeking to recover compensatory and punitive damages in compensation for the years of abuse suffered by each of the represented employees. The firm has a long track record of success in representing marginalized workers against employers and corporations. In recent years, the firm has secured multimillion-dollar settlements for workers who have been victims of discrimination, harassment, and wage theft.
About Arenson Dittmar & Karban
Arenson Dittmar & Karban is a law firm dedicated to representing workers in all types of employment disputes. The firm has a long history of successfully representing marginalized workers against corporations. The firm’s attorneys are experts in employment law and are committed to fighting for the rights of all workers. The firm can be contacted with questions or comments at [email protected] and at 212-490-3600.

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