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If you believe that you are being mistreated by an employer, it is important to choose the right attorney to represent you. To learn more about how we treat our clients, please view the below testimonials from those we have represented in the past. We are committed to providing you the same great representation.  In fact, the American Institute of Legal Counsel awarded Arenson, Dittmar & Karban for being one of the 10 Best Labor & Employment Firms in the area of Client Satisfaction.


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Extraordinary Success

In sum, Plaintiffs’ counsel’s [Arenson, Dittmar & Karban] steady, careful and relentless work obtained an extraordinary degree of success.

United States District Judge Louis L. Stanton, Southern District of New York.

An Outstanding Job with a Positive Outcome

I certainly would recommend Mr. Steven Arenson and his professional team to any one. Mr. Arenson has represented me in a sexual harassment case, he did an outstanding job with a positive outcome and has settled the case out court. Mr. Arenson did and outstanding job with my case, always available on the phone/emails, he responded to my queries and concerns promptly, kept me updated with the progress of the case…above all he is a great human being who truly care for his clients…he is very knowledgeable, communicative, trustworthy, dedicated, honest and professional. I have found an excellent attorney and a great/truly friend as well…excellent service from the beginning to the end!!!


Evident Integrity

With much confidence and satisfaction, I am happy to recommend Steve Arenson for legal services. Steve is a consummate professional who provided expertise assistance on an important matter and on very short notice. I appreciated his attentiveness to the details and pointing me in the right direction. Steve’s integrity was very evident when working with him. He has a strong eye for detail and more important, a calm demeanor, which was a blessing for me during this legal matter. He is very knowledgeable, available and approachable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an employment attorney.


Worked Swiftly and Intensely

If you want a win, if you want to feel protected from every angle,
if you want a breezy working relationship, call Steven Arenson to represent you. Steven Arenson, a really smart guy with an impressive knowledge base and kind disposition, worked swiftly and intensely (no stone unturned) to get the results I was hoping for. I wish there were more rows of stars to highlight my appreciation and gratitude. Thank you, again.


I Trust His Judgement

Steve Arenson’s expertise in labor law has been a great resource for our medical practice. Amongst giving genuinely practical and relevant advice Steve has helped us create an employee handbook, overtime work guidelines, and has helped us manage employee issues that have come up. I trust his judgement. He is always concerned about our well being and is attentive, responsive, timely, and reasonable in all aspects of his relationship with us. I highly recommend him as a labor lawyer to anyone requiring such services.


Pragmatic and Ethical Legal Counsel

I consulted Steve Arenson regarding employment issues on two different occasions in the past ten years (in both cases, mass layoff situations at prominent financial firms), and I received solid and practical legal advice. Steve was extremely helpful in clarifying my own thinking on my specific situation and gave constructive, prudent advice. He is quick to understand the nuances of individual circumstances. Highly recommend Steve to anyone who is looking for pragmatic and ethical legal counsel.


Justice for the little guy

Ten years ago I was pushed out of a prominent east coast company for being an observant Jew. I was facing horrible daily discrimination and threats. Steve provided me with professional legal defense and I was able to reach a just settlement, which allowed me to move forward with dignity and respect. I am very grateful for Steve’s integrity, knowledge and expertise and for guiding me throughout the process. I highly recommend Steve Arenson for legal services to anyone.


I Cannot Say Enough Great Things About Him

When I needed someone to help me in a time of need, Steven Arenson was a guide, a calming presence and a forceful advocate. He understood my situation and was extremely thorough in explaining all of the decisions that needed to be made. Steven answered all my questions in a thorough and expedient manner and it is clear he really cares. Steven is kind, attentive, and honest and he always displays integrity in his legal work. I truly cannot say enough great things about him. I highly recommend Steve Aronson.


Phenomenal Advocate

Steven is a phenomenal advocate to have in your corner. He was quickly able to turn a very stressful situation into a much more manageable and understandable process. Steven was extremely thorough and personally, didn’t pass me off to an associate, took all the time needed to explain and review my matter detail. He was very patient throughout and made sure that I knew exactly what was going on at all times. I really felt as though he truly had my best interest in mind throughout the whole process. Steven is extremely knowledgeable in his area of law and is an excellent negotiator. He ended up securing me more than I ever would have expected. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to use his services again or recommend them to any one else in a similar situation.