Brenda Bowen


Brenda is a CPA specializing in providing litigation support. This includes developing models to analyze employee payroll records and calculating wage losses in cases where there is no payroll information available.  Brenda leverages of her knowledge of wage and hour regulations, including federal and state penalties and interest provisions, in order to calculate damages in cases involving minimum wage and overtime violations, job misclassifications and prevailing wage violations.  She also develops analytical models that are used for in litigation and settlement negotiations.
Brenda’s prior work experience includes over 8 years sharpening her analytical and reporting skills while travelling the world working in international Mergers and Acquisitions at Big 4 accounting firms.  She also spent 7 years in New York’s financial industry where she worked on the reporting, budgeting and forecasting processes along with implementing profitability reports and served as liaison with Big 4 audit team.